The LGBT Studies program and the Center for Psychosocial Health team up to walk together in Dallas Pride, 2012!
Dr. Vosvick and a number of center members pose together after finishing the 2012 Pride Parade!
A few of the ladies of CPHR pose together after Dallas Pride 2012
Center members pose together at the 2011 Holiday Party, our formal soiree for UNT faculty and staff.

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About the Center

We are a multidisciplinary group that draws upon the disciplines of anthropology, behavioral medicine, education, psychology, public health, and sociology to pioneer research on psychosocial phenomena involved in healthy living. Basic research on wellness within a chronic illness context provides a foundation for the future development of psychosocial and behavioral interventions that encourage health-related behavioral change. As chronic illness can affect anyone – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status – we strive to identify, from a multicultural perspective, psychosocial factors critical to the development of effective interventions. Factors may include health-compromising/enhancing behaviors, social support, quality of life, stress and coping strategies, depression, anxiety, stigma and workplace issues. We also examine positive psychological constructs such as optimism, hopefulness, forgiveness, spirituality/religiosity and meaning making that may contribute to resilience in people living with chronic illnesses.

Additionally, we provide psychoeducational services to communities throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our service component offers education and training to community agency personnel and health care providers as well as chronically ill individuals motivated to learn adaptive coping strategies.

University students play a crucial role in the operations of the Center for Psychosocial Health Research and participate in all stages of research, service and outreach processes. In addition, didactic instruction and opportunities to collaborate with members of various communities throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area provide a comprehensive learning experience for students.


Congratulations to Wiley, AJ, Sarah, and Sarah on being accepted into graduate programs!


Congratulations to Samantha DeCastillo on being accepted into the UNT doctoral program. Welcome to the center!


Congratulations to Andrew Pereria for being accepted into the UNT doctoral counseling program. He will moving here from Washington state with his husband.


Congratulations to Dr. Vosvick for winning UNT Foundation for Leadership Award, UNT Community Award, and the President's Council Service Award.


Congratulations to the Center for receiving a $5,000 grant for Project Gray Pride. We will soon be collecting data on LGBT folks age 55+.


Congratulations to AJ Guerrero, Sam Scoles, Stephen Ramos, Steven Hauf, and Jake Bates for graduating this past semester!


Congratulations AJ Guerrero for receiving a Raupe Travel Award


Congratulations Michelle Smith for making the Dean's List and receiving a Raupe Travel Award


Congratulations Steven Hauf and Michelle Smith for being accepted to present research at The American Psychosomatic Society in Miami, Fl.


Welcome to our two newest board members: Dr. Parsons and Dr. Prybutok 


Dr. Mark Vosvick has been elected as Chair of the UNT Faculty Senate Committee


Congratulations AJ Guerrero for receiving a UNT Multicultural Scholastic Award and a UNT General Scholarship Award


Congratulations to Tara Steinberg who won the Outstanding Intern of the Year Award for exemplary achievement in clinical and research activities at her internship site in Baltimore


The Center welcomes new graduate students Matt and Krystal


Mark Pierson received the UNT Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship


Congratulations to Brooke Gomez, Justin Litvin and Alex Wike for receiving Raupe Travel Grants


AJ Guerrero and Wiley Stem have been accepted to present research at the 2012 American Public Health Association (APHA) conference


Alex Wike received a UNT College of Arts and Sciences travel grant


Brooke Gomez received a UNT Scholar’s Day Scholarship, UNT General Scholarship and UNT Research Fellowship


CPHR was pronounced the LifeWalk Best Civic Team in 2011!


Danielle Vincent has been accepted into the UNT Interdisciplinary Studies masters program with a focus in Women's Studies


Eliot Lopez has received a travel grant from UNT for his presentation at the Society for Behavioral Medicine conference


Jakob Vingren has received a Grant from Discovery Foundation for substance abuse exercise intervention study


Jim Brown, Brooke Gomez and Justin Litvin were accepted to present research at the 2012 Association for Psychosocial Science (APS) National Conference


Jim Brown, Brooke Gomez, AJ Guerrero, Steven Hauf, Justin Litvin, Mark Pierson, Wiley Stem, Danielle Vincent were accepted to present research at UNT Scholar’s Day


Mark Pierson was accepted into a counseling psychology masters program at Loyola Maryland University


Michael Gates successfuly completed a PhD program! Congratulations Dr. Gates


The Center welcomes Justin Litvin, our new McNair Scholar


Will Hua was accepted into a behavioral medicine postdoctoral fellowship at VA Palo Alto Health Care System


Will Hua completed an internship at VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Behavioral Medicine tr